Not that kind of STD…

Some of my earliest memories of my parents have them quibbling over a scrabble board. They would both get feisty – tantrum throwing feisty, arguing and quitting games over challenged words feisty, promising to never play again feisty. But play again they always did, and my brother and I would delight in their playful squabbles. We would marvel at the fact that our otherwise very composed parents would go bananas over this game. Watching my mom study the dictionary ahead of time to find all the 2 and 3-letter words, and my dad’s grin as he placed yet another 8-letter word on the board on a triple word score box, or as he would jokingly refer to my mom as “khatar-nak” (diabolical) when she was “chappa-ing” him by even a few points, and her glee at the same, were some of the highlights of my childhood.



I wanted to take a look back to see how my visions of what my wedding would look like played out when push came to shove. Thanks to my AMAZING friends, I personally think that reality actually transcended my vision. I had some amazing vendors and in the end my wedding was everything it could be (if it couldn’t be in Kenya 🙂

I’ll start with the amazing work of Prabha Bhambhri, who did my mandap. When I showed most vendors an image of my dream mandap they said they could modify and cover and drape one of their existing (ornate) mandaps to create something like what I wanted. Prabha auntie was the first to say that not only would she give me exactly what I wanted, but that she was so excited to see a bride want this kind of style. Instead of judging me for my smaller budget, she said it was refreshing and on the day of when she came to personally oversee the construction of my mandap, she even complimented some other design choices I had made, and said she would use them in the future. This means a lot for someone who wanted an elegant wedding but didn’t think it should cost us our family savings.

Here is the mandap I wanted:

Outdoor Mandap

From Design 2 Decor Inc

And beyond my wildest dreams (after what all the other vendors told me) here is what I got:

my magical mandap

She actually managed to put in more flowers, they were real flowers, and she made it look so dreamy! Here’s an upclose image of the flowers:



I had written this in December 2006 on another blog that has since been made private, so I’m re-posting here.

A girl's best friend?Of all the zany things I say on my shaadi/indian dating/general online dating world profiles, the one statement I make about not wearing diamonds often gets the most attention. I get asked if I just like being subversive, or if I just am one of those people who likes rubbing people the wrong way, or (my personal favorite) whether I just like cheap gifts/men (this boy deserves a post of his own).

Maybe I get this reaction because the diamond has become the standard measure of a man’s love for his woman, the bigger, the brighter, the more bling-bling the better; the more expensive, the greater his love, and when I reject this measure, some men don’t quite know how to react. Whatever the case, my objection to this particular stone dates far back, to before the bloody nature of the diamond was quite “public,” before movies like Bond made not liking diamonds acceptable, and maybe even a little sexy.


Update: The final version of my program (click for larger image):

(page 3/back page)                                                                     (cover/front page)

(page 2)                                                                     (page 1)

The pages are meant to be printed double sided on one sheet of paper.

I’ve had a hard time writing this out and finding the real meaning behind all the rituals we perform. My friend Neha’s program was the inspiration behind most of what is below. Let me know if you have suggestions for change.


Recently I’ve seen a ton of video used either to show a couples journey to find each other or to showcase the engagement story or to document the wedding in a scripted movie-like way. The best I’ve seen so far come from Pacific Pictures. Check out these videos:

Megan and Narbeh’s Thriller, “Snow” (12+ min long, but worth it)

And “City of Lakes” Trailer

First of all, I can’t understand why I can not embed Vimeo videos, how annoying. If you know how to do that on wordpress, please let me know. It’s probably somehting easy too 🙂

What do you guys think of the videos. I wouldn’t spend money I don’t have on them, but I think they’re kind of cute.

About a week ago, I was having an insanely bad day.

I had a bad/long (15 hour) day at work.

I was angry at a loved one for something they did.

I was wet and hungry.

It was raining/snowing/cold outside.

And I had locked myself out of my apartment. (more…)

I’ve had my wedding outfits picked out for a while. My mom had bought a sari years (like, 12) ago, and it’s nice enough that I didn’t feel like I had to buy another one. And through a series of miscommunications that worked out in my favor :), my reception outfit was also purchased. It is a stunning Ritu Kumar piece with gorgeous embroidery that makes the piece very ornate without being either gaudy or blingy. It’s ornate, but elegant and light.

For the music & masti night, I am wearing an outfit that has a pretty amazing story – a testament to the fact that things eventually do fall into place when they are meant to. It started in 2007 when I bought this stunning rani pink and orange set in Nairobi. At the time, I had NO idea what I would wear it with. I just knew I loved it. When I was passing through London, I attended my friend Neha’s cousin’s sangeet and borrowed a great sari from Jyoti Auntie that matched pretty well, but I knew it had a better match out there.