Ohh Baby


Waiting for an appointment (yeah right!)

There are so MANY things I could/should have done differently when I had my kids. Even though hubby is peds pulm, I feel as though we had a few bumps along the way choosing a practice that fitted our family. Since I’m a firm believer that mom/parent guilt is a total waste of time for me, I decided instead to share some of my thoughts on what I wish I had known, or what I might have asked if I had just known to ask when choosing a doctor for my newborn twins.

I will say that of all the things we did right, choosing a pediatrician BEFORE the littles came was one of the best. Knowing there was someone in place ready to watch over our premies was so comforting. If you’re having multiples this seems even more important since even though 36 weeks is considered full term (for twins at least), it is still premature AND there is no guarantee you’ll make it there. There is no way of knowing if you’ll have issues, or deliver early, but I would recommend that you have your ducks in a row (and not leave it till the end of your pregnancy) if there is any chance that you might deliver early.

In no particular order, here are the things I wished I had asked about or known about when picking a pediatrician, and things I encourage all parents explore when finding a doctor or practice to take care of your new bundle of poop and spit (ahem, I mean, joy).



So three months into this whole parenting thing and it feels both like it’s been way longer, but also that I don’t know where the past 3 months have flown by.

We’ve come a looog way since this day

It seems like a lifetime ago I was on the other side of this parenting thing totally flummoxed by the sheer volume of things that I was “supposed” to buy for my impending prison guards. I constantly wondered how tiny people can need so much, and since I was having twins my list seemed to be three times as long (don’t ask how that works).

Since I grew up across the world, I was also wondering that if all these hundred things were “must-haves” how did the rest of the world (including my parents) raise kids without them? My husband and I did move from a one-bedroom apartment to a lovely 3 bedroom (1400 sq ft) home, but it still seemed too small to accommodate everything the experts say we absolutely needed. So in a quest to be minimalist about what I acquired, I asked all my already-mama friends what they thought were the essentials and tried to find the commonalities. The items that popped up consistently, I put on my list of things I needed.

Now that I am 3 months into having babies, the list has only shifted slightly. I’ll start this post with what has been most useful for us right after baby comes home.

NOTE: If you just want the list without my 2am ramblings, skip to the bottom. (more…)