March 2010

Update: The final version of my program (click for larger image):

(page 3/back page)                                                                     (cover/front page)

(page 2)                                                                     (page 1)

The pages are meant to be printed double sided on one sheet of paper.

I’ve had a hard time writing this out and finding the real meaning behind all the rituals we perform. My friend Neha’s program was the inspiration behind most of what is below. Let me know if you have suggestions for change.



Recently I’ve seen a ton of video used either to show a couples journey to find each other or to showcase the engagement story or to document the wedding in a scripted movie-like way. The best I’ve seen so far come from Pacific Pictures. Check out these videos:

Megan and Narbeh’s Thriller, “Snow” (12+ min long, but worth it)

And “City of Lakes” Trailer

First of all, I can’t understand why I can not embed Vimeo videos, how annoying. If you know how to do that on wordpress, please let me know. It’s probably somehting easy too 🙂

What do you guys think of the videos. I wouldn’t spend money I don’t have on them, but I think they’re kind of cute.