I’ve had my wedding outfits picked out for a while. My mom had bought a sari years (like, 12) ago, and it’s nice enough that I didn’t feel like I had to buy another one. And through a series of miscommunications that worked out in my favor :), my reception outfit was also purchased. It is a stunning Ritu Kumar piece with gorgeous embroidery that makes the piece very ornate without being either gaudy or blingy. It’s ornate, but elegant and light.

For the music & masti night, I am wearing an outfit that has a pretty amazing story – a testament to the fact that things eventually do fall into place when they are meant to. It started in 2007 when I bought this stunning rani pink and orange set in Nairobi. At the time, I had NO idea what I would wear it with. I just knew I loved it. When I was passing through London, I attended my friend Neha’s cousin’s sangeet and borrowed a great sari from Jyoti Auntie that matched pretty well, but I knew it had a better match out there.

When I was in India (exactly a year ago), I also saw this stunning pair of orange shoes. You might think that orange shoes sound hideous, but imagine them with kundan work and looking like you should stretch the cloth on them to make an entire outfit and you’ll start to get the picture (also I’ll take one later and post it in :).

The whole time I was in India I was looking for an Anarkali style outfit. I looked in Bombay and in Banglore. I went with my friend Vidya, and managed to find one for her and for my friend Mellissa in Trinidad but couldn’t find any for myself. Part of the reason was that I was on a small budget, the sizes ran minuscule (ummmm when did Indian women become size zeros as the standard?), and when they did have my size they only had the drab, dark colours – navy blues, eggplant, bottle green, etc. All beautiful, but definitely not me.

On the day before I was scheduled to leave, my dad called and told me that I should get one really nice outfit from him. I was really touched, and set out to see if I could find anything in the 2 days I had left. Shilpa, my dad’s colleague, without whose help I would have been able to do ANYTHING, was gracious enough to take me shopping yet again. It must have been fate, because this trip was when I found both the Ritu Kumar outfit and the Anarkali I had been looking for. And guess what colours it was in? If you guessed Rani Pink and Orange, you’d be absolutely right.

The lovely thing is that the outfit is doing double duty as my Sikh wedding outfit. How fortuitous, it will get two wears during just my wedding – I love reusable items!

Fate/Kismet? I think so. I dare you to argue with me.