I didn’t want a ring.

But the fiancee wants me to wear one.

So I will 🙂

I love jewelery, Lord only knows I have enough of it to open a store. Or at the very least a really big booth at the local flea market. But I just don’t own or wear rings. Sets that come with rings will often be worn sans ring, the ring being the first piece of jewelery that comes off (way before the day/night is over) and is often misplaced or discarded soon after.

My other objection to rings, especially engagement rings, is this crazy, increasingly globalized, diamond-ization of the engagement ring. I have written before about my stance on diamonds, but basically, I don’t wear them, and never will.

Try telling that to someone who sells engagement rings for a living. I/We heard things ranging from, “without the diamond the ring would look terrible, the other stones will not show,” to “without a diamond, how can you call it an engagement ring.” Add to this the fact that I was trying to get a ring that sat flush on my finger (no pop-up solitaire for me, my friends can attest to the fact that clumsy me would just hurt myself), jewelers were either flummoxed or just plain unhelpful and rude.

Until we went to I.Gorman. If you live in the DC area, and are looking for jewelery, especially an off-beat engagement ring, go here, and talk to Zue. From the minute I walked in, they never batted an eye at my requests, they worked with me over 5 months to help me find the perfect ring. They were not pushy about up-selling me. In-fact when they had their trunk show in December, I met with one of the designers they work with, Alishan, and when looking at their collection, from which I eventually choose my ring, he pointed out that while I was finding a lot of rings I liked, it was a smaller, markedly less expensive ring that I had the most positive (I love it) reaction to.

So that’s what I got. A gorgeous ring that sits flush on my finger, with filigree designs on the sides of the ring. The top of the ring is embedded with channel-set teeny-tiny rubies, and the sides have a smattering of white sapphires.