February 2010

About a week ago, I was having an insanely bad day.

I had a bad/long (15 hour) day at work.

I was angry at a loved one for something they did.

I was wet and hungry.

It was raining/snowing/cold outside.

And I had locked myself out of my apartment. (more…)


I’ve had my wedding outfits picked out for a while. My mom had bought a sari years (like, 12) ago, and it’s nice enough that I didn’t feel like I had to buy another one. And through a series of miscommunications that worked out in my favor :), my reception outfit was also purchased. It is a stunning Ritu Kumar piece with gorgeous embroidery that makes the piece very ornate without being either gaudy or blingy. It’s ornate, but elegant and light.

For the music & masti night, I am wearing an outfit that has a pretty amazing story – a testament to the fact that things eventually do fall into place when they are meant to. It started in 2007 when I bought this stunning rani pink and orange set in Nairobi. At the time, I had NO idea what I would wear it with. I just knew I loved it. When I was passing through London, I attended my friend Neha’s cousin’s sangeet and borrowed a great sari from Jyoti Auntie that matched pretty well, but I knew it had a better match out there.


What a cute video:

Untitled from Musa Syeed on Vimeo.

I didn’t want a ring.

But the fiancee wants me to wear one.

So I will 🙂

I love jewelery, Lord only knows I have enough of it to open a store. Or at the very least a really big booth at the local flea market. But I just don’t own or wear rings. Sets that come with rings will often be worn sans ring, the ring being the first piece of jewelery that comes off (way before the day/night is over) and is often misplaced or discarded soon after.