Having an outdoor wedding has it’s challenges, and one of them is battling the potential heat. I don’t want my guests to melt, but I couldn’t imagine not being outside when saying my “I Do’s.” I’ve thought of a number of things I can do to mitigate the melting, including providing fans, paper umbrellas, making sure there are drinks readily available, etc.

But nothing beats the guest who dresses for the weather and ROCKS the look. Check out this amazingly stylish woman, the mother(!!) of one of my primary school classmates.

Ivy and Her Mom: Courtesy of Ivy

Seriously, tell me this isn’t one of the most rock-star-ish things you’ve seen?

And, on another completely unrelated, but ohhh so important note, THIS is the epitome of why I think my childhood kicked ass – the absolute, wonderful, seemless, only sometimes painful, awesome, integration of cultures, values, religions and love.

Rock on mama-Ivy, rock on!