So I keep saying this but the venue I am getting married at is a dream. Rose Hill Manor on Raspberry Plain Lane, even the name and location is pretty. Gorgeous outdoor patio, rustic surroundings – Ok, so it’s not everyone’s dream, but it is ours. Especially because we really want to recreate a “Kenya” feel (since that’s where I wanted to have my wedding since I was 12).

I’ve been scouring the web for fun decor ideas to complement the outdoors without covering or obliterating it. Most of my inspirations are from Cali weddings, since they do more outdoor wedding stuff.

So here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far:

Flower Lined Aisle

Flower Lined Aisle: Image origin unknown

I also really love the idea of having pomanders frame the aisle as well.

Flower Pomanders

Flower pomander along the aisle: image source unknown

I would do these in lime green and then transfer them into vases to be centerpieces for the tables. I’m going to see how much it will cost to have a florist do them. If they are not in my budget, which I suspect will be the case, I found several DIY instructions for both fake-flower and crepe pomanders. Score!

Crepe Pomander

flower vs. crepe: tacky or cute?

I think the crepe ones (like the one above) look great, and they can be done way in advance (can I say crafts party, girls?). What do you think? Do you like? Are they too hokey? Or do you think they will look elegant? Be honest.