January 2010

Having an outdoor wedding has it’s challenges, and one of them is battling the potential heat. I don’t want my guests to melt, but I couldn’t imagine not being outside when saying my “I Do’s.” I’ve thought of a number of things I can do to mitigate the melting, including providing fans, paper umbrellas, making sure there are drinks readily available, etc.

But nothing beats the guest who dresses for the weather and ROCKS the look. Check out this amazingly stylish woman, the mother(!!) of one of my primary school classmates.

Ivy and Her Mom: Courtesy of Ivy

Seriously, tell me this isn’t one of the most rock-star-ish things you’ve seen?

And, on another completely unrelated, but ohhh so important note, THIS is the epitome of why I think my childhood kicked ass – the absolute, wonderful, seemless, only sometimes painful, awesome, integration of cultures, values, religions and love.

Rock on mama-Ivy, rock on!


One of the most significant changes in identity one goes through in life is the transition from identifying as single, to being part of a couple. Not a transient, boyfriend-girlfriend kind of couple, but this-is-my-partner-for-life kind of couple. The journey from being single to being someone’s wife has been for me one of the most poignant, unnerving, blissful, fretful, experiences I have ever had, and we’re not even married yet. My married friends tell me it a roller-coaster ride for the first few years when it really starts to sink in.

On the other hand, I feel as though through circumstance and self-discovery, sometimes by accident and mostly on purpose I have also forged my personal identity in a way many either don’t have to or don’t want to.


When this song first came out, I remember having it on repeat for weeks. I was so inspired by the message. And even though I am somewhat disappointed in the current administration, I still come back to this song when I need some inspiration.

via [Dipdive] Yes We Can Song Video+Audio » Yes We Can Song.

I’m working on some heavy stuff at work, and I need some inspiration. Maybe you  need some inspiration too.

Yes We Can!

I’ve been looking for nice but simple,  elegant but not overdone, chairs for my mandap. especially because it is an outdoor wedding with an open and simple mandap, I want the chairs to blend in.

I saw some Moroccan inspired furniture at Raj Tents (Cali, boo!).

Aren’t they gorgeous? Does anyone know where I can get chairs like this on the east coast? For a reasonable price?

Of couse I would actually have the cusions in a rani pink 🙂

my colours

I love colour. And I like to spell it with a “u.” It makes it more real and fancy. Plus I speak the Queen’s English. But that’s another post for another day.

Ohhh la la...

I think I’ve mentioned that my wedding colours are an orangy-yellow, lime-green, and rani-pink. Over at Maharani Weddings they profiled an amazing outdoor wedding featuring an amazing display of two of my colours. Sindu may love Hadrian, but I love their decor and ideas!

ME!!! ok, so Deep and me, and our families and friends…you get the picture.

Well, you’ll get the picture(s) once we get them back from the awesome and amazing photographers we hired.

Drum-roll please!

The Parsons (music plays when you click over to their site) will grace our wedding and take our pictures. We are soooooo excited!

ok, I was promising myself only one new post a day, but then I saw this awesome engagement video/song and I had to put it up:

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